Intensive In-Home

Children and Adolescents From Age 5 to 21

Must Meet Diagnostic, At Risk, Family Involvement, and Level of Care Criteria

  1. The Diagnosis must support the mental, behavioral, or emotional illness attributed to the recent functional impairments in major life activities.
  2. The impairments experienced by the member are to such a degree that they meet the criteria for being At  Risk of out of home placement.
  3. Family Involvement - At least one parent/legal guardian or responsible adult with whom the individual is living must be willing to participate in the intensive in-home services with the goal of keeping the individual with the family. The responsible adult shall be an adult who lives in the same household with the child and is responsible for engaging in therapy and service related activities to benefit the individual. 
  4. Level of Care requirement is met when the clinical needs of the individual put them at risk for out-of-home placement by either A.) When services that are far more intensive than outpatient clinic care are required to stabilize the individual in the family situation, OR B.) When the individual's residence as the setting for services is more likely to be successful than a clinic.